Who We Are

Ampr is a German brand specialized in accessoires and technologies that empower mobile lifestyles based in the Bavarian capital Munich/Germany which has the highest purchasing power of any German city and many of large German companies are headquartered here, including global corporations such as Allianz, BMW, MAN,  and Siemens. Founded by two friends, one with a degree in economics and the other one in engineering, we have a broad variety of knowledge at hand to provide our customers with the best product experience.

The average person spends more than 10 hours a day away from home. But most phones batteries don’t even last half that time. We at ampr realized the modern person’s need for devices that allow for portability, flexibility, independence and freedom. 

Our ampr iPhone battery cases combine large power capacity and durability with convenience and portability. Giving each person the freedom they need in their day to day life.

We are a Germany based company with our main office based in Munich. While we do offer our products worldwide, all shipping and customer support is done from our office in Munich, Germany.



Our Mission

Ampr assists people in living a wireless, carefree and powerful mobile life.


Our Essence

At our core, ampr operates on friendship, flexibility, forward-thinking, & freedom.


Our Promise

We deliver aesthetic, durable and powerful iPhone battery cases for the modern person’s active and mobile lifestyle.


Our Vibe

At ampr, we practice what we preach. We ourselves are the biggest fans of our products. We realized the need for it, we dreamt it, and then did it - together.